Welcome Quick Start Guide For Businesses

Thank you for choosing InterCheck! This quick start guide will run you through the basics of navigating InterCheck's business portal and how to successfully conduct police checks on your employees/applicants


1. How To Submit Police Checks

2. Identity Document Requirements

3. Turn Around Time

4. How To Access Police Check Results/Manage Checks

5. Customise Your Account


How To Start Submitting Police Checks

To start submitting checks, you will need to send an email invite to the applicant. This is commonly known as an invited check.

This police check invite is where you send an email to the applicant. This email contains a link for them to complete their own police check.


To send out invited checks

Step 1

    • On the left sidebar, click 'new check' > 'start a new police check'
    • Click on ‘Invite check’ > ‘police check’

Step 2

On this step you will need to input check details:

    • The check type: volunteer/student placement check or standard/employment check.
    • Who pays: 
      • Prepay: Business covers the cost, pays on behalf of the applicant. The applicant will not have access to the certificate unless business shares it with them.
        If choosing prepay please ensure the business has enough credits. On how to purchase more credits please click here.
      • Passpay: Applicant pays for the application. Both the business and applicant will have access to the certificate.
    • Applicant's name
    • Applicant's email address: The invitation will be sent to the email address provided
    • You also have the option to fill in the 'check purpose' and 'contact level' on behalf of the applicant. The check purpose is the reason for the police check and assists the police checking services in determining what information to release on the certificate. Please see below on how to correctly fill out the check purpose section. 


For a visual guide on how to send out invited checks click here

Check Purpose Requirements

Some examples of acceptable check purposes are shown below:

    • Labourer in Mining Industry – No Contact with Vulnerable People
    • Trades Worker in Aged Care Facilities – No Contact with Vulnerable People
    • Nurse in XYZ Hospital – Unsupervised Contact with Vulnerable People

As per the examples above, if you decide to pre fill the check purpose please ensure to include:

    • Job position/role
    • The industry the applicant will be working in or the organisation name

When inputting your check purpose, please avoid the following errors: 

  • Do not include any acronyms/abbreviations
  • A 70-character limit applies to the combined role, industry/place of work and state
  • Multiple purposes will not be accepted 

    For a more detailed explanation of the check purpose please click here


    Identity Document Requirements

    To complete the application the applicant will need to provide the required documents.

    For the extensive list of documents and the identity document requirements please click here


    Turn Around Time (TAT)

    Once we have received all of the correct documentation, the application will be processed and submitted to the police checking services.

    From here, 70% of check results are returned within 1-2 business days. 

    The remaining lodgements are ’flagged for manual review’ with the police checking services. These applicants are usually processed within 3-12 business days or longer.

    Applications are flagged for review when there is a partial or potential match with the applicant's details and a record in the police database. Therefore, the police services will have to manually review the application resulting in a longer turn around time. 

    For a more detailed explanation on the application submission process and manual review please click here


    How To Access Police Check Results (Manage Checks)

    To access the results once sent please click:

    'Manage Police Checks' > 'Manage Checks' >  'Click The Result Tab'

    By default the show filter is 'one month'. If you cannot see an application please change this to 'all'.

    From the Manage Police Checks tab, the business can monitor all police check applications.

    For a detailed explanation on how to manage check please click here


    Customising Your Account Settings

    Once your account has been created, you may wish to customise your portal settings to suit your organisation’s needs. Below are some customisation options InterCheck provides. 


    Add More Users To Your Account

    Click into 'administration' > 'user management' > 'add new user'.

    Input the new user's details and click 'save'. The new user will receive an email with their new login details.

    For a step by step visual guide on how to add users please click here


    Update Your Password

    Click into Administration > User Management > Manage Users

    A list of all active and inactive users will appear >  Click Details

    Click update once the information has been amended.

    For a step by step visual guide on how to amend your password please click here

    Customise Your Email 'Invite' Template

    When sending out your invites InterCheck has a default email template. If you'd like to customise this template go to:

    'Administration' > 'Applicant settings' > 'Customise email templates' and click update to save the changes.

    Feel free to revise this template or add any additional instructions you would like to share with your applicants.

    Make sure to never delete any coded text such as #FULL_NAME


    Customise Your Landing Page

    When the applicant's receive the email it will include an 'invite link'. Once they click on this they will be taken to the business landing page.

    When setting up your account, if you wish, you can customise your 'landing page' to include your company logo and a custom welcome message.

    To activate your custom landing page, go to 'administration'  > 'applicant settings' > 'custom landing page'.

    Click 'edit/activate' your landing page to get started.

    Upload your company’s logo, customise your welcome message and click “activate landing page”.


    You’re now ready to start submitting checks!

    Please check out our help centre for any other frequently asked questions or feel free to contact our support team!