How to Setup and Manage Departments in Your Business Portal

This page covers how to create and manage departments.

If you would like to setup departments in your business portal, navigate to the "Administration" tab and click "Department Settings". 

To add a new department, click "Add Departments".

To edit an existing department, click "Manage Departments". 

The "Administration" tab is only available to HR Manager / Admin users. 
If you are not an admin user, please delegate to a HR Manager / Admin user to update the required information.

Adding a new department

After clicking "Add Department", you can start creating your department. 

You will need to give your department a name and make sure the status is "active". 

You will also be able to give your department a description, a state/territory location, set up renewal reminders and select the users who wish to be notified of applications that are assigned to this department.

Click "create" once complete. 

Managing existing departments

If you click "Manage Departments", you will be able to see all of the departments that have been setup. 

From here, you can edit the departments by clicking "details". You will be able to update the department name, description, reminders, location, users assigned to the department and the status of the department. Click "update" to save your changes.

To delete a department, update the status to "inactive". Once a department is "inactive", no new applications can be assigned to it. 

If you have department users setup in your business portal and you "inactivate" the department they are assigned to, they will no longer have access to the business portal.