How to Send Out Police Checks (Invited Checks)

This article provides an explanation on 'invited checks' and instructions on how to send out invited checks from the business portal

For businesses, to allow applicants to submit a police check the business user will need to send out an invited check. This is where the business will send out a link to the applicant's email address. This email will then prompt the applicant to register an InterCheck account, if they have not already created an account before. 

For invited checks the applicant will complete the application form and upload their documents themselves. If more information is required to process the check, the applicant will need to update or confirm any changes made to the application by logging back into their account.  

Step 1

On the left sidebar click New check > Start a new police check

Step 2

Select Invite Check

Step 3

On this step you will need to input applicant details:

    • The check type: volunteer/student placement or standard/employment
      • Prepay: Business covers the cost, pays on behalf of the applicant. The applicant will not have access to the certificate.
      • Passpay: Applicant pays for the application. Both the business and applicant will have access to the certificate
    • Applicant's name
    • Applicant's email address: The invitation will be sent to the email address provided
    • You also have the option to fill in the 'check purpose' field on behalf of the applicant

If you choose the pre fill the check purpose please ensure to include the role and business name or industry.

For example Accountant - Construction Industry or Accountant - XYZ Company

For a more detailed explanation on the check purpose field click here

Step 4

Click prepare invitation to preview the email invitation (you will have the option to edit the email content)

Make sure to never delete any coded text such as #FULL_NAME

Step 5

Once you have provided the necessary information, click send invitation to send the email invitation to the applicant

Step 6

You can monitor the progress of the application from the Manage Checks tab

For more information on managing police checks please click here

If the business will be submitting multiple invited checks, a quicker and more efficient method will be submitting through batch invite checks.

For detailed instructions on how to batch upload please click here