Step 1: How to Register an Individual Account

Step 1/3. This article provides instructions on how to set up an individual user account.

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Step 1. Select Your Check Type

  • To begin the registration process please click here and select 'I am a new individual'.

  • You will then need to select your check type

    select check type
  • If you have chosen to lodge a police check application, you will then need to enter your check purpose and level of contact.

When filling out the check purpose, which is the reason for the police check.
Please include your Role + Industry or Business name.

For example Accountant - Construction Industry or Accountant - XYZ Business

Please also note:

  • Do not include any acronyms/abbreviations
  • A 70-character limit applies to the combined role, industry/place of work and state

For a more detailed explanation please click here.

  • For further information on the level of contact click here.

    reason/purpose for police check


    Step 2. Register your account

    You will need to input your:

    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Create a password (password must be at least eight characters; must contain one capital letter, one number, one special character)

    register account

    Step 3. Make payment

    Input your payment details (cardholder name, card number, expiry date, CVN code).

    Step 4. Email verification

    Once you have successfully made payment an 'email verification code' will be sent to your registered email address (ensure you check your junk/spam folders). 

    If the email address you have entered is incorrect, click 'you can change your contact details here'. Once updated, click 'resend the verification code via email click here' to resend the 'email verification code' to the correct email address.

    verification code

    Once you have received this email, either:

    • Click the 'click to verify' button, or
    • Copy the verification code, paste it into the 'enter your code here' box and click 'next'

    If you have not received your verification code please email our helpdesk at for further assistance.


    verification email

    Step 5.
    Continue Application

    Once you have verified your email you will be able to continue with your application. For a step-by-step process on how to fill out the application form please click here

    continue application