How To Delete Business Police Checks

This article explains how to delete police checks via the business portal

Depending on the status of the application the authorised officer can delete/cancel the check. To read more about police check status shown in the business portal click here

As long as the application has not yet been submitted to the police checking services, the credit will be returned to the business once the application has been cancelled. 

Depending on the status there are two methods to cancel invited checks:


If the invite check status is ‘Not Started By Applicant’

  • Locate invite under ‘incomplete’ tab
  • Click ‘cancel’

  • Input reason as to why the invite is being cancelled 
  • Click ‘cancel invitation'


If the employer code has been used:

  • Locate relevant application in 'manage police checks'
  • Click 'remove' or 'cancel'

  • Review application and click 'delete application'

Passpay (where the applicant has paid) invited checks cannot be deleted after the code has been used.

For passpay checks, the applicant will need to email for a refund request.