How to Add Users to Your Business Portal Account

This article provides instructions on how to add business users to your business portal

Step 1

Click into Administration tab >  User Management > Add New User

Step 2

Existing authorised user will need to fill in the new authorised user's:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Create and confirm their password
  • Assigned role (HR/admin, normal, department user)
  • Status (active, inactive)

Step 3

Click 'save and send email to user'.

A success message will appear and the new authorised user will receive an email with their new login details. 

Once they have logged in they can update their password.

If the previous authorised user is no longer with the company and the business no longer has access to the email address and business portal please email for further assistance.


In the email please advise:

  • The situation
  • The officer/s that need to be removed
  • The new officer's email address and full name
  • Include the managing director's confirmation on the new authorised user's details