How to Access Payment History from Your Business Portal

This article shows how to access all payment history from the business portal. This page may vary depending on your payment structure.

To locate your payment history, click into the heading "Payment" or "Invoices". 

If you are on a Prepaid payment structure, you will see a table showing all purchases made through your business portal. 

You will be able to see the receipt number, total amount of credits purchased, the type of credit purchased, the total amount paid and the date the credits were purchased. 

Under "download receipt" you will be able to download the PDF invoice receipt for your purchase.


If you are on a Monthly Invoice payment structure, click "Invoices". 

You will see a table showing your complete invoice history, including the invoice number, invoice date, invoice due date, the total number of checks included on the invoice and the total amount. 

Under "download invoice" you will be able to download the PDF invoice for the chosen month. 

From this page, you can also filter invoices by date, invoice number, department or by the applicant's name or individual reference number.