Glossary of Terms for Business Portal Users

See below for a full glossary of common InterCheck terms and abbreviations.


Authorised Officer: The person identified in the NPCS Contract who will have the authority to represent the Customer for the purpose of the NPCS Contract.

Authorised Personnel: Any member of staff that have been nominated as “Authorised Personnel” with access to perform activities within the business portal.

Applicants: An individual who provides written Informed Consent to a National Police History Check (NPHC) of their name being conducted, or an individual for whom a NPHC is mandated by legislation.


Batch Invited Check: Multiple email invitations can be sent at the same time by inputting applicant’s details on an excel spreadsheet and uploading it. Suitable for sending email invitations to more than five applicants.


Check purpose: The reason the applicant requires the police check. See here for further information on the check purpose requirements. 


Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO): The record of court convictions and findings of guilt, to which provisions of relevant spent convictions/non-disclosure legislation and/or information release policies have been applied.


FOI: Freedom of information.


Invited Check: Email invitation sent to an applicant, requesting them to complete a background check.

IC: Informed Consent.

ID: Identity documents.


NPHC: National Police History Check.

NDCO: No Disclosable Court Outcomes.

NPCS: National Police Checking Service.


Portal Check: Authorised Personnel submit an application on an applicant's behalf, ensuring their Informed Consent has been obtained.

PC : Primary Contact.

POI: Proof of Identity.

PHIL: Police History Information Log.


QA: Quality Assurance. 


Single name: You are known by one name only and do not have a combination of a Surname and Given name.

Standard Check: Also referred to as Standard Employment Check. This Check type is for paid Employment or Industry Accreditation.

Standard Operating Procedures.