Create Batch Invited Police Check

Batch invites can be used when a business wants to send invites to multiple employees at once.

    Step 1

    From the business portal home page, click New Check > Batch Invite Check

    Step 2

    The business must select the:

    • Check type (standard/volunteer)
    • Payment method (prepay/passpay)
      • Prepay: Business pays. The applicant will not have access to the certificate.
      • Passpay: Applicant pays. Both the business and applicant will have access to the certificate
    • Department (if departments have been established)

    Please note you can only select one check type and payment method per upload

    Step 3

    Download the sample excel spreadsheet

    Do not remove any sections from the excel spreadsheet. Other than the mandatory field, which will have a red asterisk, you can leave all other sections blank.

    If you choose the pre fill the check purpose please ensure to include the role and business name or industry.
    For example Accountant - Construction Industry or Accountant - XYZ Company

    For a more detailed explanation on the check purpose field click here. 

    Step 4

    Upload spreadsheet by clicking Browse > Upload

    The invites will be generated in a table below. Click Send Invitation to finalise

    Applicants will receive an email with an invitation link to complete the application