New 'Check Purpose' FAQs

There are some upcoming changes to the police checking process that will impact the way police checks are submitted.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), who InterCheck are accredited with to provide police checks, have made some changes to the information we must collect for all Criminal History Checks. These changes have been made mandatory for all accredited ACIC agencies across the industry. 

New requirements: 

  1. When submitting a ‘standard check’ you will need to indicate the ‘check category’. The options for this field will be:
    1. Employment (where the check is for work purposes)
    2. Licence (where the check is for a licence or entitlement)
    3. Probity (where the applicant must represent themselves as a fit and proper person)

  2. The ‘check purpose’ will be divided into four separate fields:
    1. The position title, occupation, entitlement or licence type
    2. The proposed place of work or issuing authority
    3. The location town or city where proposed place of work or entitlement is located 
    4. The state or territory where the proposed place of work or entitlement is located

  3. The ‘level of contact with vulnerable groups’ field will be removed

'Check Purpose' Updates FAQs

How will these changes affect the current police check process?

Most notably, you will no longer be required to indicate the ‘level of contact with vulnerable groups’. The ACIC have advised that with the addition of the ‘location of work’ field and with the recent NDIS Worker Screening Checks they will no longer require the ‘level of contact’ when assessing which information to release on the certificate.

Additionally, the ‘role’ and ‘place of work’ will be two separate fields. When using our ‘invited’ check feature you will have the option to prefill the ‘role’ and ‘place of work’ fields. The remaining fields will be completed by the applicant.

When will these changes come into effect?

The new requirements will come into effect in June. As we finalise the development on our end we will keep you up to date as to when these changes will go live. All police checks that are initiated after these changes have come into effect will need to align with the new requirements.

What will happen to ‘in progress’ checks?

When these changes come into effect checks that are already in progress, and which do not align with the new requirements, will continue to be processed. We will have a transition period where we will accept checks submitted using the old requirements. We strongly encourage you to complete these checks as soon as possible as we will eventually have to implement a cut off date for accepting checks that do not align with the new requirements.

What if you have ‘unique URLs’ set up?

When these changes come into effect the unique URLs will be updated to include the 'check category' selection and the separation of the 'role' and 'place of work' fields. If you have a unique URL set up in your portal you will be able to continue using this to initiate your police check ‘invites’. If you create a new URL after these changes come into effect, you will need to configure this URL in line with the new requirements. In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to all customers who are using our unique URL feature and will work with you to update these in line with the new requirements.

What if you use our APIs or webhooks? 

Our APIs and webhooks will also be affected by these updates. If your organisation is using our APIs or webhooks, we will be reaching out to provide you with the updated API documentation outlining the relevant changes.